Robot TRAFFICGEN program

What is robot TRAFFICGEN?
TRAFFICGEN robot is created for automated web browsing. It fully simulates real user visiting sites, navigating through the pages, clicking on links.

How to distribute TRAFFICGEN robots?
To unload our servers, we made a program to spread robots among customers of TRAFFICGEN. The robot, installed by a customer, visits websites of the system, as a result the customer receives a discount. This approach can significantly reduce the cost of profile, increase the number of unique hosts, and increase the stability of system. You do not have to install a robot, in this case the cost of profile will be calculated without a discount.

How does robot TRAFFICGEN work?
The robot is a program that runs in the background. The robot is easy to install, it does not require support and monitoring . Once the robot is installed, you forget about its existence - all transactions take place in the background without participation. You can enable, disable the computer - it does not affect the operation of the robot. But remember, the less the robot works, the lower discount you will get. If, for example, one day a computer is turned off, then the day discount will be equal to 0. If your computer runs for a long time, then it is likely that you will get the maximum 0% discount.

How do I connect my robot to the system?
After installing the robot is assigned with a unique number (Start --> TRAFFICGEN --> robot ID). This identifier is necessary to register in your account settings. After that, you'll receive a discount, depending on the working time of your robot (working time means not the time of its non-stop work, but the time when it visits the sites).

When I do not install the robot?
The TRAFFICGEN robot visits sites, as a result it consumes additional traffic. If the cost of your Internet service depends on the traffic, the robot is not to be installed, otherwise you will have to pay more for Internet than the amount of the discount.
The robot should not be installed, if, for example, to connect to the Internet using your mobile Internet (or a sim card), or if you are not using unlimited Internet service provider.

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