How does TRAFFICGEN work?

TRAFFICGEN promotes websites by generating traffic there. It's possible to generate traffic of the required content on the site, added to the system, you can: specify the number of pages for viewing, time spent on site, number of unique visitors.

How does TRAFFICGEN work?
After adding the website to the system robots - automated programs for visiting site will start visiting it. Robots do not differ from a the real person (no matter who clicks on a link, whether a person or robot). Every robot has its own unique parameters: browser, IP address, etc.

Who needs a system TRAFFICGEN?
- the sites to adjust the total traffic statistics (e.g. to get rid of a big bounce rate);
- the sites to promote in rating systems;
- the sites to attract a new targeted audience;
- the sites to raise popularity;
- new Internet projects to make a view of high traffic.

What does the TRAFFICGEN system help to do?
- Specify a number of hosts per day;
- Specify a number of hits per day;
- Specify the time of viewing the site;
- Specify referrer;
- Specify number of visit of site.

Due to the flexible tariff system you will be able to get good traffic for reasonable money.