The TRAFFICGEN system can drive both real users and robots to visit your website. Real users get rewarded for visiting the website while generating high-quality traffic. It is a more expensive traffic source than bots.

However, our bots do not differ from real users. Each robot has its unique parameters, device, and IP address. Our bots are secured from bot filtering of all analytic engines, including Google Analytics and others. 

Technically, statistical systems see no difference in whether the website visitors are robots or real users. Since our bots act similarly to human visitors, the systems fail to distinguish them.

Still, there is a significant difference in traffic quality. While creating a project for bots to visit the website, you can set a website referrer (referral source), hits, and time of a visit. When real users go through your website, there is no way to manage the time or hits of their visits. Because here you have to deal with human visitors, obviously. Nevertheless, real users usually show sufficient hits and time indicators while visiting websites as they get motivated by rewards.

Moreover, real users have their own accounts on social networks, but our robots do not have them. Therefore, you can get real user traffic from Facebook, for example, but it does not work with bot traffic.

The cost also varies. Bot traffic costs $0.01 per bot, but real user traffic costs $0.03 per visit. You have to pay human visitors, while bots are generally used to maintain a website infrastructure and hosting.