Providing discounts

You can get a discount in two cases:
1. Install the TRAFFICGEN robot on a computer. After the installation of robot you will get a discount of 0%.

2. Additional discounts are provided depending on the amount paid to an account. When refilling the balance a correspondent discount is calculated from the specified sum!

0-99visits: 0.005 USD
100-499visits: 0.0045 USD
500-999visits: 0.004 USD
1000-4999visits: 0.0035 USD
5000-9999visits: 0.003 USD
10000-19999visits: 0.0025 USD
20000-29999visits: 0.002 USD
30000-39999visits: 0.0015 USD
40000-...visits: 0.001 USD

In addition, please take into account that parameter 'pure traffic' makes the cost of profile 30% higher. You can disable this option if your site counters work fine without it. Detailed information about a discount for the robot installation.

After installing the robot do not forget to register its number (START -> TRAFFICGEN -> robot ID) in the settings, otherwise the discount will not be applied. A discount depends on the time the robot works on your computer. If the time of robot’s work exceeds the time of your profile(s) work, you will get a maximum discount of 30%. If the time of robot’s work is less, the discount is reduced proportionally.
By the time of robot’s work we mean not the time of its continuous work, but the time when it visits the websites. After installing the robot on your computer, the robot will not only visit your websites, but also the websites participating in the TRAFFICGEN system.